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Char Grill

Char Grill

W900 X H1130 X D800, 143Kg
Fuoco Char Grills are designed with the everyday needs of a chef in mind. A thick, mild steel plate provides excellent heat retention. Choose from a variety of standard widths ranging from 300mm to 900mm. Our chargrills are made with 304 grade stainless steel exterior with cast iron burner for higher performance. With a Hi- Lo two stage gas tap and sturdy 2 inch stainless steel tube stand with base shelf, it is unmistakably the most sturdy, easy operating and maintaining product on the market.

Call for Price
 * 100MJ/H of power for even heat * 20MJ/H per burner * 5 tube burner * stainless steel splash back for easy cleaning * For your convenience, this model comes with a large undershelf allowing you to s

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