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20L Birko Urn
20L Birko Urn
5L Birko Urn

Commercial Urn - Birko (10L-40L) Domestic Urn - Birko (5L)

These Urns are free standing with temperature control.
High quality and low maintenance - Chrome plated brass tap, at a comfortable cup Height and polished stainless steel body with vented, twist-to-lock lid. Welded joints for superior corrosion resistance and effortless cleaning.
Temperature control - Thermostat has variable settings, for greater control over the boiling water.
Safety - Push button temperature cut out turns off the power if the urn boils dry and the non-drip tap prevents accidents and mess.

Call for Price
5 Litre (Domestic):20-25 Cups 240V (Empty weight) 1.75kg (Dimensions) Dia 181mm H380mm
10 Litre:40-50 Cups 240V (Empty weight) 3kg (Dimensions) Dia 253mm H390mm
20 Litre:80-100 Cups 240V (Empty weight) 4kg (Dimensions) Dia 300mm H457mm
30 Litre:130-150 Cups 240V (Empty weight) 4.75kg (Dimensions) Dia 354mm H480mm
40 Litre:175-200 Cups, 240V (Empty weight) 5kg (Dimensions) Dia 354mm H580mm
Features:Indicator light, water level gauge on commercial, heat-resistant knobs, easy-lift safety handles and enclosed lockable lid

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