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Oxford 6 Basket NoodlePasta Cooker

Oxford 6 Basket Noodle/Pasta Cooker

Oxford Series 6 Basket Noodle/Pasta Cooker
The Oxford Series 6 Basket Noodle/Pasta cooker is a heavy duty solution for an establishment that requires consistent product every time. A powerful 80 Mj/Hr burner combined with an excellent recovery time ensures that the Cooker can withstand the daily rigours of a busy establishment. High quality componentry include Italian made gas controls and pilots with a flame failure device as standard to ensure safety in the kitchen. A modular design means that the 6 Basket Cooker can be lined up with a WOK888 Waterless Wok or an Oxford Series Gas Cooktop for a uniform look. Other features include high quality 304 grade stainless steel construction, adjustable legs and compatibility with a large range of accessories.

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