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Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Duct Work & Exhaust Fan Cleaning Services.

All Things Kitchen is focused on providing professional duct cleaning services to the food service industry.

Our professional duct cleaning services are vital to preventing food safety and fire safety issues in commercial kitchens. A properly maintained ventilation system results in improved health standards, an enhanced sanitary image, improved ventilation for customers and staff comfort, increased energy savings and compliance with local frr and health codes.

Professional duct degreasing on regular intervals will reduce the risk of grease fires and is required by the latest Australian Standards. When you get your kitchen exhaust system cleaned regularly with All Things Kitchen, you will reduce common maintenance problems such as worn fans, motors and potential fire hazards.

Our process includes heavy detergents, degreasers and foaming applications. We begin by safely protecting and covering all the exposed over-spray areas in your kitchen. Using hot water and steam, we clean your range hood, ductwork and exhaust fans. We finish the job with a final detailed cleaning and polish. Your system will then receive our dated inspection sticker, certifying that you are in code compliance with Australian Standards.

Commercial kitchen exhaust fan repairs.

All Things Kitchen provide commercial kitchen exhaust fans repair and cleaning services, we can clean your kitchen-hood exhaust system and service your exhaust fan at the same time. Our exhaust fan cleaning service includes all types of restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, hotels, schools and food courts. We are skilled professionals and fully licensed to help with your kitchen exhaust fan cleaning service needs at affordable rates.

Licensed exhaust fan Contractor

When you deal with our company you have peace of mind that we are licensed Electrical and Ventilation fan Contractors restaurant and cafe exhaust fan specialist.

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