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Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Canopy Cleaning

Our canopy cleaning service also includes:

Reasons to Choose All Things Kitchen for kitchen canopy cleaning in Melbourne and Gippsland.

Health and Fire Departments to reduce health and fire danger in commercial kitchens.

Canopy Filter Exchange Service Melbourne and Gippsland.

We at All Things Kitchen dedicate ourselves to supplying a hassle free filter exchange program tailored to suit your business.

We realise the importance of clean and correct air flow in your kitchen, so let our team design a filter exchange program to help reduce health and fire danger, air contaminants, bad odours and improve kitchen canopy efficiency.

Exchange Filters available at All Things Kitchen.​

Schedule a service call with us at All Things Kitchen and our team will design a hassle free filter program to suit your needs. A small description of a filter designed for cooking exhaust systems is given below to help you understand how we like to keep our customers fully informed about our products and services.

Honeycomb Grease Filters.

The honeycomb grease filters are by far the most preferred filters in Australian kitchens today which meet food hygiene requirements. These 50mm wide grease/oil filters are made from aluminium foil, ribbed into a channel shaped as herring bone. This filter, when folded back on it, forms a non-nesting arrangement of smooth-walled honeycombs. Alloy ribs this system splits the inward air that is grease laden, causing it to change direction. This resistance results in the grease adherence and condensation onto the surface that is made from aluminium, preventing it from inflowing the exhaust. This condensed grease then drains into the canopy channels through the drainage holes. The retractable handles of all filters are made from steel. Other handles are available at the request of the client. To order these efficient and easy to clean honeycomb filters for your kitchen, contact us!

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